Project Nova

A third person systems driven sci-fi shooter where gameplay takes center stage.

My goal with Project Nova was to build a portfolio piece that pinpoints and showcases my skills as a game developer. Rather than building several smaller pieces I decided that the best way to accurately present Game Design, Scripting and Level Design was to build a more holistic experience. Everything from detailed scripts, levels, AI, shaders, UI, animation blueprints, particles and basic material and meshes was made by me during a 10 week period in order to create this vast portfolio piece. Seeing as design is all about iteration, I wanted to show an iterative design process which one big project would give me a greater possibility to do. Due to the eclectic nature of a one student project I have a lot to talk about.


So grab a cup of coffee and join me in this deep dive of Project Nova.

Project Nova Trailer

Core Pillars

Game Design


Level Design


Camera, Controller, Character

Loadout system





Starmap Menu

Assault Class

Stealth Class


Designer centric

Clean, readable chunks

Scalable systems


Space planning

HUB design

Levels showcase game design

Project Nova is the greatest undertaking I have taken upon myself in terms of a game project.

During my pre production I planned subgoals for every week, made clear plans for what I wanted in the game, what I could possibly cut and how to manage my time. In the end I barely ended up cutting anything. If I would have had more time, I would have wanted to add an aim offset in the animation blueprint and made more complete missions to add to the starmap. However, for the scope of my project, I am extremely satisfied with the end result. I stuck to my plan when applicable, but still worked in an agile manner and adapted to any hindrance that stood my way. Project Nova started as a portfolio piece, but over the 10 weeks of production, it turned into a passion project and I am very proud of the result.
Thank you for joining me in this deep dive in Project Nova.

Did my breakdown wake any interest, wanna discuss game design, or maybe you just want to grab a fika?